How To Write the Perfect Product Page for your Software

A great software page needs to look as objective as possible and convey confidence to viewers.


How To Write the Perfect Product Page for your Software

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Different points of a product page
  • And then what?


A good product page is a product page which convinces Appvizer’s audience to buy your software. Check out the following to evaluate the quality of your description:

  • Check if your product page ranks on Google’s first page of results when you search your service’s name. If it does, it means your page meets your leads’ needs.
  • Check out the number of impressions in the “Analysis” tab of your product page. If the number is high, it means you have filled in enough information for your page to meet Appvizer’s users’ queries.
  • Check if the number of clicks* on the green call-to-action (CTA) button is greater than 50 clicks/month. If it is, it means your product page has convinced Appvizer’s users to try your software.

*only if you have subscribed to a “Monthly Budget Ceiling” or if a “Prepaid Clicks Pack” has been purchased from your account manager.

The different points of a product page: 

  • The icon and the name of the service: This allows you to visually identify your software.
  • The main and secondary categories: The choice of these categories allows you to target your future clientele and to guarantee a better visibility.
  • The size of the target companies: This feature allows you to improve the visibility and the traffic on your product page.
  • The title: This is a highly visible communication element that should convince the user to choose you and not your competitor.
  • The video: This is a dynamic format that is increasingly used by Internet users. It has the advantage of showing your software in action.
  • The main image: This is the first visual contact with your product page. It aims to attract, reassure and seduce your future customers.
  • The description: It allows your future customers to determine if your solution corresponds to their needs.
  • The strengths: They allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a synthetic way. These are particularly useful when Appvizer users make comparisons between several programs.
  • Screenshots: These allow customers to start thinking about how they will use your solution.
  • Connected applications: Highlighting the possible connections between your software and other software is a significant advantage because it simplifies data exchanges and facilitates the daily life of professionals.
  • Certifications: These are the trusted third parties that reassure your future customers about the quality of your product.
  • Features and editions:
    • Add features
    • Set up different editions
  • The action button (CTA): It allows visitors to the Appvizer product page to go to the website and eventually make a conversion.

And then what?

Other actions can allow you to take full advantage of the Appvizer audience once your product sheet is online.

We particularly recommend the following actions:

    • Generate opinions on your product sheet. 96% of decision-makers consult opinions before purchasing;
    • Optimize the distribution of your advertising by enabling geographical targeting of users;
    • Is your market international? Take advantage of the different Appvizer sites and translate your product sheet. Learn more about it.