How to choose the Featured Image via your Product Page?

Your Appvizer product page has been selected to be featured on the front page of our magazine? Congratulations! 🎉 It is now time to choose the image displayed to showcase your software.

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💡 Appvizer shows the most popular solutions on the homepage, as well as in the different relevant category pages. These solutions are the ones with the highest Click-Through-Rate (CTR) relative to the number of views for their product page.


⚠️ Before you can be featured on this new space, your image must comply with some standards:

  • The image must showcase the User Interface of your software

  • The feature you choose to feature must be easily understandable by the user

  • The software’s UI must take up the majority of the image

  • The image must have a 16:9 ratio

  • The amount of text contained within the image must be kept to a minimum

💡 It is advised to prioritize legibility and sobriety.

Choosing the featured image from your product page

beesbusy example

The image that will be chosen by our system must bear the mention “appvizer-highlight” at the beginning of its filename.

💡 Don’t worry: we are planning to improve the interface of your product page to make this operation simpler in the future.

⚠️ Don’t confuse the featured image with the cover image, about which we have also dedicated an article to guiding you through the setup process.