How to choose the main and secondary categories?

The main and secondary categories allow you to find your software in the Appvizer directory.

The main and secondary categories 

Once your product page is activated, your software will appear in a maximum of 3 pages of the Appvizer directory.

This 3-page limit allows you to work on targeting your future customers as efficiently as possible, thus guaranteeing your company visibility and quality traffic if your call to action is activated. 

We recommend that when you choose to do so, you find a balance between:

  • A very specific category, which corresponds perfectly to what you do and gives you precision. This should be the main category;
  • A popular category, which corresponds more or less to your software and gives you a lot of visibility;
  • A vertical category that corresponds to your clients’ business sector to reach a specific audience.

To discover the list of categories classified from most to least popular and the products currently listed, consult this page.