How to write a good description?

How do I create a description that can be published on Appvizer and that converts?

The description

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The description of your software is at the heart of your presentation.

It allows your future customers to determine if your solution meets their needs and to prefer it to those of your competitors. 

We recommend that you comply with the following good practices:

  • Length: write between 150 and 700 words (between 1000 and 5000 characters). A detailed description ensures that you have covered the subject in depth.
  • Quick comprehension : adopt a descriptive style and a simple and easily understandable vocabulary.
  • Potential buyer engagement: introduce your presentation with one or two powerful sentences summarizing your product and its benefits;
  • Convince: present the differentiating advantages of your software compared to competitors
  • Readability: structure your content with titles, paragraphs, bold words, and bullet points;
  • Natural referencing: use important keywords regularly in titles and paragraphs.
    • Credibility: answer your prospects’ typical questions
    • What does your software do?
    • What are its advantages?
    • Who is it intended for? 
    • How to set it up? 
    • Why choose your software over your competitor’s? 

Here are the bad practices that must be avoided:

  • Introduce yourself instead of describing the software : Do not say “we”. A descriptive style such as “{software} is a software of {category} made for {target}…” is preferred. 
  • Over-sell your software: such as “the best”, “the most complete”, “the most ergonomic”. Users will judge these points based on your features, video, screenshots, etc.  
  • Not respecting the conditions of use: not adding links, phone numbers, or commercial hooks that will be deleted automatically (ex: |30 days free” must only be used in the call to action).
  • Copy content already published: you can significantly improve your SEO with a good description in Appvizer, but the content copied and pasted from your site only brings penalties and will waste your time.