How to install an Appvizer tracking script with Google Tag Manager?

Several installation methods are possible, depending on the site hosting the code.


  • You must know your software identifier(s) in the form "AP-XXXXX". The identifier is found in the URL of the profile editing page accessible from the seller account:url-service

In this example, the identifier is "AP-25655" (AP- followed by the number)

  • Each identifier corresponds to a software product referenced in Appvizer.
  • In some cases, you may need to use more than one code. 

Installing the script

Several installation methods are possible, depending on the site hosting the code:


  • Standard installation recommended by Appvizer,
  • Installation via Google Tag Manager,
  • Installation on WordPress.

Method 2: Installation via Google Tag Manager

To install Appvizer scripts via Google Tag Manager on your site, here is the procedure:

Add a Tag in GTM


Add a tag in GTM allows you to insert the tracking code of visits in GTM.

To do so:

  • Connect to GTM
  • Click on the Tags menu
  • Click on “New”

  • Call the tag “Appvizer Visits”
  • Click on the grey circle

  • Choose the “custom HTML” menu

  • Paste the visit script in the window


To create a tag in GTM for tracking conversions, the process is identical to that of visits, you just need to alter the title of the tag: "Appvizer conversions" and the content of the code (that of conversions).

Add a trigger in GTM

The trigger in GTM is the event that launches the tag connected to it. For visits, the trigger is very simple: "all pages viewed".

This means that the tracking of visits will be triggered on all the pages seen by a Visitor. The trigger for Conversions is more complex to determine, as we will see later.

Trigger for the Appvizer Visits tag in GTM

  • To add the trigger to the Appvizer Visits tag, open the tag and click on the grey circle in the "Trigger" area

  • In the list of triggers, click on All Pages.

  • Then click on “save”

Appvizer Conversions tag trigger in GTM

Creating a conversion tag follows the same process as creating a visit tag.

However, the trigger depends on the conversion (or conversions) chosen. Several conversions can be added to the same tag, for example for the following conversions

  • sending a contact form (demo request, question, etc.)
  • creating a free trial account
  • visiting a particular page (of the "thank-you page" type)

To create your trigger, click on the blue Plus (+) at the top right of the Choose a trigger page.


Here is a list of the most commonly used triggers:

"Page view" allows you to choose a specific page as the trigger.

For example: the Visitor arrives on a page whose URL contains /thank you/ for sending a form or /contact/:

Always save the changes and for them to be reflected on the client's site, click on "Send" then "Publish" then "Continue".

To confirm the submission, GTM displays a quote from the Dalai Lama with an animation.